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Become Volunteer:

We give because we're part of a community, We give because we are Muslims!

Why Volunteer:

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) has said that a person who does not thank people is not thankful to Allah either. May Allah's blessings be upon him. Thanking people must go beyond words. The best way to be thankful is to help them in need.

Muslims must not limit their volunteer time to their own community run programs only. Today you may be the person with the ability to help, but tomorrow it may be you on the receiving end of a volunteer effort. In a society where "mind your business" is the coin of the day there are millions of people who love to help others. By volunteering we contribute to an environment which can benefit all of us.


Our motives in volunteering can turn our action into worship of our Creator (ibadah). If we do it for His sake then there will be reward at the day of judgement as well Insha Allah.

Our Prophet Muhammad helped each and every one. Following his path will bring blessings to your life. Another Islamic motive is when you help others, you interact, and when you interact with other human beings, you help them understand you better. Communication builds bridges.

Giving hand is better than the receiving hand.

Online Form:

There can be many benefits of volunteering. Here are some.

  • You can learn a new skill while helping others
  • You can develop leadership skills
  • Your volunteer time donation may be tax deductible
  • You may find new friends
  • It may help you shed an image of being an "outsider"
  • It is a great way of earning academic credit
  • You may be able to run for some office
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